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Central Roxborough Civic Association Meeting Minutes

December 4, 2014

CRCA President Don Simon, opened the meeting by asking for a moment of silence on behalf on the missing neighbor, Shane Montgomery.

Langdon Palmer, Pastor of Leverington Presbyterian Church, was thanked for providing refreshments for our meeting.

Neighborhood Conservation Overlay

The Conservation Overlay has passed the Rules Committee and now has force of Law. Finall passage is scheduled for next week. The Philadelphia Planning Commission has been uploading the boundaries of the overlay to be ready to present and inform L&I of the new restrictions. This project involved many volunteer hours and included 1800 pictures of homes. Thank you to all the volunteers for their efforts and particularly Kay Sykora and Celeste Hardester. This document is the 2nd overlay in the city, Queen Village, being the other. It is thought this can be a template for other neighborhoods to use.

365 Green Lane

Negotiations with the developer Todd Joseph, are ongoing. One of the points of contention is that Mr. Joseph wishes to remove the Historical designation.

New Marketing Manager for the Roxborough Development Corporation

Samantha Bridge introduced herself as the new Marketing Manager for the Roxborough Development Corporation. She handed out postcards for upcoming Ridge Avenue Holiday events.

Pam DeLissio Open House

State Representative, Pam DeLissio, is having an open house on Monday, December 16th from 3-7 p.m. Bring a canned good to donate for a food bank drive. More Info

District Polce District Advisory Council

Frank Lettko of th 5th District Polce District Advisory Council informed attendees of the role that PDAC plays as a liaison for the community. He urges all to sign a petition in favor of adding additional officers to our area. Meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 9 a.m. at the Police District headquarters at Ridge Ave and Parker Avenue (across from Wawa/CVS).

Possible Development at 4559 Silverwood St

CRCA District Representative Liz Fischer , informed attendees of possible development at 4559 Silverwood St., near Dupont St. steps, possibly 13 houses. Need to invoke the steep slope ordinance. The developer has retained attorney Carl Primavera. The neighbors have also retained an attorney. The planning commission is involved.

479 Gerhard St

Owner Steve Blunt is applying for a zoning change to legalize the home for a two family dwelling. The one bedroom portion of the home will have a rear entrance, but accessable via the front of the home/side yard. The ZBA hearing date is scheduled for January 20th. The majority of the attendees were not opposed to the conversion. More details are available on the CRCA Zoning page.

Next CRCA Meeting Postponed 1 Week

The next CRCA meeting will be January 8th (2nd Thursday) due to New Year’s Day falling on the 1st Thursday. We will be voting for executive board members at that meeting. The nominating committee has proposed the following slate for 2015. President: Don Simon, Vice President: Lynda Payne, Treasurer: Gordon Cohen, Recording Secretary: Jill Schneider, Board Chair: Ed Hotham. Corresponding Secretary: open.

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