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Central Roxborough Civic Association Meeting Minutes

December 3, 2015


CRCA President Don Simon opened the meeting by thanking the Leverington Presbyterian Church for providing refreshments.

CRCA Officer Election

The CRCA slate of officers for 2016, to be voted on at the January Meeting, are:
  • President: Don Simon
  • Vice President: Lynda Payne
  • Treasurer: Neil Macdonell
  • Rec. Secretary: Elizabeth Fisher
  • Corr. Secretary: Alexander Fidrych
  • Board Chair: Leonard “Ed” Hotham

Ridge Park NCO

Josh Cohen, from Councilman Jones Jr office announced that the 2nd to last council session is in progress and brought us up-to-date on the status of the Ridge Park NCO. Councilman Curtis Jones removed the ban on front garages from the NCO and the watered down bill was introduced on December 2nd.

Streets Department Update

Mr. Moore of the Streets Department addressed issues concerning proper disposal of mattresses, leaves, Christmas trees and winter trash pick up. He encouraged everyone to sign up for the recycle awards program. There is a new transfer center at 2601 Glenwood Avenue. Please report any short dumping to 311. Pictures are helpful. Disposal of concrete via a company called “Burns”. Streets Department numbers 215-686-5560 for dumping/eyesores, 215-685-4275, sanitation police.

PA Budget Update

Pam DeLissio provided a Budget update read by Don Simon.

Roxborough Branding

Kay Sykora and James Calamia, Roxborough Development Corporation spoke about the “branding” of Roxborough and raising the profile of Roxborough via Social media.

Philadelphia Crosstown Coalition

Don Simon mentioned the existence of the Philadelphia Crosstown Coalition which is a coalition of civic associations. CRCA is a member and there is a link to the Crosstown Coalition web site on the CRCA web site,

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