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Central Roxborough Civic Association Meeting Minutes
June 7, 2018

CRCA President Celeste Hardester welcomed the smaller-than-usual crowd.

Steep Slope Issues

The Northwest Coalition of Civics is working to address repeated issues of steep slope violation. The members from local civic organizations are planning a meeting with Councilman Jones and representatives from L&I, the Planning Commission, and the Water Department. Josh Cohen, assistant to Councilman Jones, was in attendance at the meeting and added that the Councilman has been visiting a number of development sites that concern neighbors, including 244 Fountain Street in Ridge Park, 90 Rochelle Avenue in Wissahickon, and the 500 block of Paoli Avenue (Paoli & Shalkop).


Some residents engaged in a discussion about the continuing parking problem. Josh Cohen gave information about permit parking. Another individual expressed frustration about the zoning codeís requirements about parking spaces for new construction (or lack thereof for some residential classifications). Ms. Hardester described the Planning Commissionís in-depth work to create a plan that will be beneficial for the future, where improved public transit and decreased personal car ownership are envisioned.

Zoning: 4356 Pechin

Jake Dreyfuss presented his proposal to re-legalized an existing curb cut and expand the current driveway another car length.

Mosquitos and Ticks

Malaya Fletcher from the Philadelphia Health Department delivered an informative presentation on how to avoid mosquito and tick bites (as well as the diseases that result from bites). A copy of the presentation is available on the CRCA website.

Also see City web site


CRCA Vice-President Don Simon expressed thanks to Tavern on Ridge where CRCA hosted a fundraiser last month. The restaurant presented CRCA with a check for $250. Thanks also to those who came out!

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