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Central Roxborough Civic Association Meeting Minutes
November 1, 2018

CRCA Vice-President Don Simon called the meeting to order.


The Ridge Avenue Thematic Historic District has been approved by the Historic Commissions, preserving 188 properties from demolition.

Zoning: 421 Green Lane

Roger Ross, a Green Lane resident, presented on his request for a variance. He is rehabbing the property at 421 Green Lane with the intention of flipping it. The property has been vacant for approximately 20 years, but was previously comprised of three units, at least one of which was a doctor’s office. Mr. Ross desires to convert the property back to a single family dwelling. The variance sought is for open land below that required by the zoning code. The property is zoned RSD-3, and as such, must have at least 70% open land on the parcel. There is currently about 61% open land. Mr. Ross has made a small addition in the rear of the property, connecting two bumped out wings in the rear, but the property was likely non-conforming to code even before this minor change because the house predates the zoning code. The addition essentially fills in a cap in the otherwise continuous perimeter of the home. The house was in poor repair, with a collapsed roof in the back. Mr. Ross hopes to sell the rehabbed home as a 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath, 3900-4000 sq. ft. home with parking in the rear (by repairing an existing garage). It was announced that the ZBA hearing is scheduled for Dec. 6. (This was an error. It is actually Dec. 5.)

As per CRCA policy, Mr. Ross then left the room and discussion was held among those present. The general response was positive; Mr. Ross was praised for converting the property back to a single family use. A straw poll was held on whether or not to support the requested variance. The ultimate decision will be made by the board of CRCA, taking the results of the straw poll a recommendation of the CRCA zoning committee under advisement.

  • 18 people voted to support the variance
  • 0 people voted to oppose the variance
  • 0 people voted to not oppose the variance
  • 1 person voted no opinion

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