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Central Roxborough Civic Association Meeting Minutes
September 6, 2018

CRCA President Celeste Hardester welcomed the smaller-than-usual crowd.

AMY Northwest Middle School

AMY Northwest Middle School, represented by 6th grade science teacher Mary Jones, presented regarding renovations currently underway to the schoolyard. Inspired by a walk in the Wissahickon, the project is student-led in its design and development with help from the Trust for Public Lands. The final design features a large seating area, a straight track, basketball court, greenery, turf and equipment. All funding has been secured.

Zoning: 6128 Ridge (former bank at Ridge & Green)

Vaughn Buckley presented on the building which he recently acquired. He plans to use it as office space for his company and co-working office space for other businesses/individuals. A Special Exception is required for office use. He is not proposing any major changes to the exterior structure. He as obtained Historical Commission approval to restore the façade (windows, clock). There will be interior changes, including a re-purposing of the old vault space. Trash/dumpster will be located in the rear yard.

As per CRCA policy, the applicant was then asked to leave while an informal discussion followed. Community response was generally positive, although there was one individual expressing concern that the space could later be changed into residential or some other non-office use. A straw poll was held with one person objecting to the project and eighteen supporting it.

Steep Slope Issues

Josh Cohen from Councilman Curtis Jones’ Office described ongoing efforts to prevent abuse of the current steep slope ordinance. In conjunction with the Councilman’s office, the Planning Commission, the Northwest Coalition of Civic, Friends of the Wissahickon and other stakeholders, the group has been working on an agreement to amend the current ordinance to prevent abuses by developers who have not yet sought L&I approval for projects, which triggers enforcement of the ordinance.

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